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Host in Delhi

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Frequently asked questions

Lessor (Host) by Aadhyatours is a peer to peer car sharing program for Car owners to let them share their cars when it's not in use on Aadhaytours platform with our lessee(Guest) base and earn money and rewards.

The servicing and maintenance of the car would have to be handled by the car owner.

We wish that you never have to go through this! However, in an unfortunate event, of any damage/accident/TP loss/legal cases etc. while the car is on trip, we will cover major damages cost.

Your vehicle must follow all laws and regulations for safety, condition, and operation. You should get a vehicle mechanical and safety inspection at least once a year. An inspection will include a check of your car’s most critical safety items, including brakes, steering parts, tires, and lights. Complete maintenance requirement list.

lessor (Host) booking revenue is 60% of the booking charge that your vehicle earns with every booking, paid out within 24-72 hours after the completion of each booking. You can refer to the Earnings section of your profile on the Aadhaytours lessor (Host) app, for details related to your payout.

You can view booking details of upcoming and completed bookings on the website. Booking details will have information about booking start date, start time, end date, end time We will also inform you about the booking Email.

The car will be parked at your own parking location. This ensures seamless use of the car for personal use as well as listing on our platform.

In event of any accident caused by lessee(Guest), We will take care of the logistics and the cost of repair. Having said that, we do understand the inconvenience caused to you because the car wouldn’t be available to you for some time. To make up for it, We will be liable to provide monetary compensation or a replacement car.